Zenvus zManager Can Now Predict Your Farm Profitability

Zenvus zManager Can Now Predict Your Farm Profitability

With Zenvus zManager, a farm diary, we now have the ability to predict Farm Profitability if a farmer records all activities (labour, inputs, etc) in the system and the primary market is covered by our pricing engine. For example, if you produce pepper in Isiala Ngwa (Nigeria) and plans to sell in Aba (Nigeria), and allows our AI to “see” your records in zManager, we would concatenate data from our sensors, weather, diary data etc to tell you how much you would make at the end of the farming season. We have probability models which constantly update with capabilities to estimate your profits few weeks into the farming season. The models evolve as the season progresses.

zManager is an electronic farm diary which helps Zenvus farmers run their farming operations. A Farm Management solution, it simplifies the business of farming by helping farms record activities, track inventory, prevent waste, manage employees, manages finances (sales and expenses), organize business calendar, record incidences (say, pest and disease outbreaks), track profitability, and more.

This service is available to farmers through their cooperatives and governments. Zenvus team would need to collect produce prices at least three months in the primary markets to attain equilibrium in the models.

zManager >> making farmers businesspeople.

zManager Dashboard (many portions are combined as screen capture cannot pick all simultaneously)


zManager report

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