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1.0 – Physics and the Society

1.0 – Physics and the Society

The future development of Nigeria is indivisibly bound up with the prospects in science and technology. There is every reason to suppose that this progress, will out way our former success. It is even more urgent to utilize this century scientific and technological achievement in order to eradicate the last vestiges of colonialism, overcome backwardness and comprehensively modernize our economy as rapidly as possible.

We therefore need a fundamental reform of the social structure which can alone create the right conditions for the successful application of science and technology in tackling Nigeria’s practical problems is undoubtedly a matter of prime importance.

It is noteworthy that it is people with their knowledge, skills, talent, and creative potentials that determines the nations present course and future prospects in economic development. The scientific and technological revolution championed by physics, is constantly increasing the importance of man as the creator of material and cultural values, the bearer of scientific idea, and the interior of technical innovations. Hence, the importance of education and manpower training for present and future developments cannot be over emphasized.

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If Nigeria must grow then a very useful body of knowledge such as physics cannot be left out. It is apparent in our time that Nigeria has not recognized the impact and use of physics in achieving our vision. So, lets give physics a chance.


The existence of physics has been since the beginning of the world before man was created but a concise and deliberate probe into the guiding principles of physical phenomenon, known this days as Physics did not start until the days of Sir Isaac Newton and Physics then was primitive and could not explain several prevailing scientific issues. So it was called classical or Newtonian physics.

Sir Albert Einstein stunned the world when he came up with his mass-energy relationship ?E=?MC2 which helped him to develop atomoc bombs. He was said to have taken physics to the quantum level i.e energy is not discrete but continuous.

Our era is the wave-physics time which was propounded by a Nigerian mathematical physicist: Prof. Gabriel Oyibo in his God Almighty grand unifying theory (GAGUT) which he mathematically wrote has Gij j=0

This is an improvement on the work of Albert Einstein. I believe more theoreticians and inventors are coming out of Nigeria.


Physics has always been an answer to the cry of many nations. Physics, as abody of knowledge has played tremendous impact in the development of the nation. This is evident in the attitude of developed countries towards physics and what it is capable of doing.

Our world is transformed as a result of advancement in technology which is basically the application of basic science principles to solve the problem of man.We will enumerate the various impact physics has on nations.

THE GREEN REVOLUTION: Agriculture has grown from the peasant state it used to be into a mechanized one several countries now export farm produce and livestock because they can now be produced in mass.

This is as a result of sophisticated machinery now in use, which is a direct impact of physics on the agricultural sector.

Even, soil analysis can be done in split of second with neutron analysis to separate it to component and know which is best for a particular crop production.

IT & ICT: Our day is the jet age when almost everything can be done on a computer system, several programs are written and application developed to ease man’s burden in carrying out his work. All these are made possible with physics.

We use handsets and subscribe to different networks. And it always beat our imagination how technology is becoming more fascinating daily, this is physics. Actually the issue making the world a “global village” is a direct consequence of physics.

SPACE ADVENTURES/AERODYNAMICS: We spend less hours travelling by air what it takes to journey by road with the help of physics. Infact, with physics scientist have gone to planets and return with vivid description of what the earth looks like which was impossible in years past.

Nigeria has launched a commutation satellite NIGCOM SAT1 though with the help of another country. This is a tremendous impact of physics. I think we should cover our faces in shame for not using to our local physicists and technologists. Despite thousands of science and technology based graduate turnout from our tertiary institution, the nation still lack the expertise to carry out a satellite launching project.

I must also blame the government for looking down on our indigenous scientist. It is time to wake up to our responsibilities as scientists and move Nigeria forward.

METEOROLOGY /WEATHER FORECAST: We sit in the comfort of our homes and hear the weather forecast for each day. This has help in preparing our mind for what the next will give birth to rather than stumbled into the next day only within infinitesimal probability; We move on with confidence and certainty. Physics gave birth to this.

OIL EXPLORATION: The study of the subsurface of the earth has helped in the discovery of crude oil and other solid minerals in the earth. The impact of physics both in prospecting and exploration of minerals canno be undermined.

GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY: Surveys on land before buildings are erected to determine endangered zones and of suitable land to dig borehole are wonderful impact of physics, several buildings collapsed would have been saved with this techniques.

NATIONAL SECURITY: The issue of security of lives and properties is of interest in our country. Our military personnel uses guns, bombs, tear gases, all these are designed on physics principles. There are cases of the use of laser beam to save guard valuables and use of GPS gadgets to locate missing items.


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