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Physics And The Society

Physics And The Society


Nigeria is undergoing a phase transformation leading steadily to national development. With the plan to make Nigeria one of the top 20 world economies by 2020 is a very interesting development and also challenging. Especially what about 12 years ago, the onus is up to the individuals and our policy makers to look into issues rather than counts our eggs before they are hatched over a future glory. It has been said that idea rule the world, am of the opinion that our nation should look into our human resources development than natural resources alone. Development because all of those will finish but human being will continue to exist as time last.

Nigeria will be great I do not doubt it but I think we should ask what dimension of greatness: great for what, great in what and great about what. This makes these mere wishes that has not helped the nation ever since to translate into a workable plan. Nigerians may think corruption alone destroys a nation, but I must say that what is the fate of a nation that is under-trained an unemployed human capital use in pushing the nation forward.

Though corruption destroys a nation; but have we thought of under utilization of resources. A situation in which you have underutilized trained personnel, self pity and complacence sets in and the nation get only negligent and corrupt work force who see the nation’s fund as a cake rather than a resource to better lives. This work is sent as a sensitization to the government, firms, individuals, students and so on; on a very great tool in advancing this nation Nigeria by the instrumentality of PHYSICS.

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The full import of what it takes for a nation to grow into influence and affluence might not be adequately taken care of in this volume, but it is a good way of beginning our journey to the 2020 promise land.

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Physics and the Society

Chapter Two – Physics: The 4th Dimension Concept

Chapter Three – Qualifies of a Physicist

Chapter Four – Physics As An Instrument for National Development



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