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3.0 – Qualifies of a Physicist

3.0 – Qualifies of a Physicist

Having discussed the necessary tool of learning physics which is the mind; It will be right to consider certain traits to watch out for in people on who this great responsibility is saddled.

I must admit that mathematics and physics are like two sides of a coin but it is adequate to say “Mathematics is the language of physics”.

Physics is the “why” of any physical phenomenon i.e what gives the reason for any behavior of matter in nature.

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It will be wise to itemize what parents, schools, government and private individuals should look out for in th uo coming generation in raising competent and proficient physicists.

  1. Insightful thought: Physics is a course of the 4-D which is called the mind.It is the thought of individuals through the exercise of the mind to better their lot and their society’s. So, what we exercise our mind towards matters a lot.

The problem with many people around the world is that they expend about 90% of their energy on the physical and emotional activities leaving only about 10% to think. This is very evident in our response to basic science in this country since their product are not directly consumed but need to be applied by the applied scientist to bring comfort to man. If we begin to mind intelligence and respect innovation Nigeria will grow.

So, parent should allow their children think, question them on the principle behind the operations of system and hear their mind on issue. Give them period of brainstorming and communicating the result of their brainstorm session.

  1. Mathematical Aptitude: As it was said earlier that mathematics is the language of physics. The recesses of our mind cannot be understood by our word except when communicated in number expression, equation and functional relation. The abstract world will bridged by mathematics with the physical through equation. I will advice parents to groom mathematics genius to major in any field of physics. Schools should get good physics and mathematics teachers. Government can encourage the citizen by sponsoring mathematics and physics quizzes in primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
  2. Detailedness: Any individual that considers details will flourish in physics. It takes a mind that looks into the details of a particular system to apply physics. It means seeing physics in everything. This will no doubt mean physicist will be needed in every sphere of life, even in electioneering or social events, the burden of analysis anchor on them..
  3. Flexible mind: A rigid or dogmatic individual cannot do well in physics because in physics, concepts can be conjure to produce another difficult concept. The speed with which the mind transposes from the abstract to the natural makes a good physicist. You can navigate the abstract with ease and bless your generation with your ideology.
  4. “Why” attitude/analytical mind: This is the research attitude any prospective physics must possess. It is the aim of physics to unravel features and characteristics of system and phenomena.

Constructive criticism of the pulse of the mind of an individual builds the mind and enhance the intellectual gymnastic.

  1. Reasonable play: It will be absurd to paint physics as a course for the serious only. In playing the mind is sharpened. Imagine the technology of the guitar, it is obviously a product of an insightful play and consistent work on the discovery.


As a way of advertising the physics profession it will be good to see possible careers in physics that individuals can launch into to better their lot and the nation’s.

  • Mathematical and computational physics
  • Physics electronics and instrumentation
  • Telecommunication physics
  • Solid state physics and material science
  • Geophysics/geodesy
  • Astronomy/astrophysics
  • Nuclear physics/ engineering
  • Energy studies/physics
  • Radiation biophysics
  • Medical physics
  • Cosmology and high energy physics
  • Environmental physics
  • Theoretical physics
  • Reactor physics
  • Atomic physics
  • Industrial physics
  • Engineering physics
  • Meteorology/atmospheric physics

And a lot of other subsidiaries as the need may arise; soil physics, plant physics etc. But essentially they are applicable principles of physics to direct issues pressing on man.

Each of the above branches still have such divisions and very challenging. If individuals man there fields Nigeria will improve drastically.


There are certain issues that are currently very suitable issues among physicists. So it will be a good start for those who want to lavish their intellectual strength and those who enter the profession with a vision. They are:

  • Super conductivity
  • Age dating of the earth
  • Energy crisis
  • Telecommuting
  • Earthquake prediction
  • Gravity network of the earth
  • Quantum computers

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