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2.0 – Physics: The 4th Dimension Concept

2.0 – Physics: The 4th Dimension Concept

Man is a complex “being” comprising of the spirit, the soul and the body. The soul comprises the mind which is seat of decision, emotions, thoughts, to insights and so on. It is to tantamount examine physics as a concept of the mind.

Physics and other field of human endeavor evolve by thoughts of individuals to accelerate the events of their time. In this chapter, the mind will be discussed in detail and there are natural traits that places people favourable to do well in physics. We also, investigate how our thoughts can be transformed into “physics worhiness” to ensure Nigeria grows into the kind of nation we dream of.


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There is nothing more fascinating about people than their inherited temperament. It is temperament that provides each human being with the distinguished qualities. Temperament is the unseen force underlying actions.

Temperament analysis is a useful tool in helping people reach their maximum potential. Among the many behavior theories are transactional analysis and Freudian theory.

Hippocrates, the brilliant Greek physician and philosopher named temperament in accordance with the liquids he thought were the cause. The sanguine, he thought, is characterized by rich, warm blood. Choleric must have too much yellow bile. Melancholy he saw as having black dark bile. Phlegmatic he saw having thick blood which he called phlegm. To him, these suggest the lively (sanguine) active (colonic), black (melancholy) and soul (phlegmatic) temperament. With advance of modern medical science, the idea is already discarded, but the four-fold names for the classifications are still widely used.

In explaining different temperament we consider only the habits and career bits of the four basics and 12 secondary temperature types

Sparky sanguine: Sparky sanguine is the warm, buoyant, lively and fun loving temperament. He is receptive in nature and external impression easily find their way to his heart. When he comes into a room of people, he has a tendency to lift the spirit of everyone present by his exuberant flow of conversation.

Without any malice, sparkly tight forget his resolution, appointment and obligations. The sanguine is never at a loss of words, though he often speaks without thinking. His freewill, seemingly exciting, extroverts way of life makes him the envy of the more timid temperaments types.


  • People oriented
  • Great procrastinator
  • Eats everything insight
  • Bad accountability skills


  • Sales people
  • Excellent actors, entertainer and preacher
  • Outstanding master of ceremonies
  • Excellent hospital workers

Rocky Choleric: Rocky choleric is hot, quick, active, practical and strong-willed temperament. He is often self sufficient and very independent. He does not need to be stimulated by his environment but stimulate it by his endless ideas, plans and ambition.

Emotionally undeveloped, he is often embarrassed or disgusted by the tears of others. He is quick to recognize opportunities and harness them through his strong will.


  • Hate yard work
  • A stereotype eater
  • Hate details


  • Project supervisor e.g foreman
  • A builder
  • Vibrant in businesss when in partnership with a melancholy, they make an unbeatable team
  • A natural leader
  • Sales, teaching, painters, support
  • Military

Maestro melancholy: He is analytical, self sacrificing, gifted, perfectionist type. No other temperament has a higher IQ or more creativity or imagination than a melancholy.


  • Rarely speed when driving
  • Maintain the best yard
  • A picky eater


  • Composer, artist, musician, inventor, philosopher, theoriticians, theologians, scientist and dedicated, educated
  • Engineering, building
  • Good doctors

Flip phlegmatic: Calm, easy going, never ruffled temperament. Timid but ones around to action, proves to be a most competent and efficient person.


  • Slowest driver
  • A deliberate eater
  • An accurate bookkeeper


  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Civil service, military

The fact is anybody can be a physicist with hard work but certain individual can do it stress free and these sets are those that have melancholy or phlegmatic temperament either as primary or secondary component.

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