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4.0 – Physics As An Instrument for National Development

4.0 – Physics As An Instrument for National Development

When the population of a nation grows, there is always need for increase in welfare; to further close the gap between the rich and the poor. It is obvious the no nation can develop arbitrarily; certain factors necessitate it. To this end, Nigeria has been running as a nation on probability. No goals, policies, no reasonable reform. This is what gives birth to the kind of nation we have today vision-less; it is time we start setting attainable goals and consciously pursue them to the end. Physics, has solved many problems of man in years past ranging from poverty, underdevelopment and so on. I want to call to your attention to what physics can do in national growth and development and will do if we give it chance.

We see a picture of a nation where unemployment will be a thing of the past, poverty banished, economic rejuvenation and intelligent politics (rather than the display of foolishness) will be practiced. Like a patient on the hospital bed, Nigeria need to take this pearl “physics” for recovery. We consider certain issues as it pertains to the nations well-being in turns.


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Nigeria-born America based computer scientist Phillip Emeagweali stated that after every exploration process, oil wells deplete by about 30%. We also know that crude oil (the national heritage) is a non-renewable energy source. Besides, the issue of environmental friendliness, safety is also putting cure oil on a global check. It is wise for countries to seek alternatives energy sources.

Various alternatives like nuclear energy, hydrogen fuel, reformate, liquefied and natural gas, fuel ethanol methanol etc.

Several nations are already projecting into using hydrogen fuel as a means of powering their economic activities. There are laptops, electronic gadgets, engine and vehicles running on hydrogen fuel.

Nigeria has launched 10% bending of petrol with ethanol fuel, which is also a good idea.

In the area of power generation, nuclear energy has played a very tremendous role in other nations. We hope this will gradually move to our shores. I must emphasis that nuclear energy is still the best for power generation but its issues of  ingredient destitution, health and manpower is still a problem. Nigeria as a nation cannot boast of 100 nuclear physicist, this is bad. In fact I don’t think Nigeria has up to 10,000  physicists at present. I challenge our young stars to launch into this field and make Nigeria greater than ever.

We need physicist in the energy sector to research. Recent research have shown that hydrogen can be generated from groundnut oil, this is what we are talking about, vision, passion, purpose and change.


Nigeria has paid little or no attention to physics in year past and this has no doubt accounted for our backwardness. There is little or no emphasis on education especially, the physics education our yearly budget is a testimony and a fine picture of the productiveness that chair our policy and decision making. There is need to raise young physicist in this country. This means that our educational system must change. It is sad that many of us are a production of this structure, name little and certificate driven learning system yet we must change.

There is a relationship between the educational system and the economy and between the output of skilled personal and the society real needs. It generally reflects in the fact that the content and quality of training educated personnel does not correspond to the task of modernizing our nation, and at times is in direct conflict with our national goals. This happens because the current level of educational provision, curricula and syllabuses, teaching method and the structure of the educational system itself correspond less and less to the changing conditions of development in our world. A gap is beginning to emerge between education and the economy which is beginning to put a brake on economic development.

Lets equip laboratories, research institutes and educational institutions, man by competent and proficient teaching and research staff. Let me at this juncture, stress language as a barrier to passing education. Am of these opinion that every student should study at least a Nigerian language at the senior secondary school aside the English language. I think the idea of denying students admission into our higher due to failure in English language. To this end, I know several individuals think English is education let me inform you that is not the only reliable means of passing an idea, so lets stop glorying in foreign language. The African language is rich and all encompassing lets adopt it in teaching and check the quality of graduate with their English trained counterpart. The onus is up to our linguist to expedite action.


Political stability and serenity of a society, is a function of the influence of power on the governed by the government we need nuclear weapons and sophisticated arms and ammunition made in Nigeria. The era of importation should die a gradual death. This is not a way of sponsoring terrorism but to show way of gaining power among other nations. Lets sponsor research, encourage innovation and make this nation great through this millennium miracle physics. It is time to utilize their expertise and build missile, bombs, rocket, jet fighter, submarines and biological decimal weapons. The basic scientist must arise to the challenging days ahead. Nigeria will be great.


Welfare is the ultimate goals of all research, education and policies, physics not an exception to this. When Nigeria begins to innovate and build technology. Once we look into research, he produce goods and services that makes this world a better place. We can develop our technology to world standard then in other countries will enumerate us.


These are national issuing seeking solutions that grapes our attention when we produce quality mathematicians and physicist they can model their problems and interpret the solution and produce solution to the government . Everything on earth is ruled by mathematical and physical laws expressed in equations.

As a nation we need “think bank” those that apply known  principles in the books to solve problems.

There is a story of a great mathematician called Alkwarizemi who used the principle of prime number to solve a dispute resulting among 3 persons with regard to heritage. Books are not just meant to be read and crammed and awarded a certificate for leaving well but as a guide for sharpen our mind to fire turn our thought and produce solution to issues affecting our environment. If all we do is read and no fruit is borne by we processing our indigenous physicists to wake up. The world is waiting for our ejections as a solution tto their problems.


It will be an absurd matter for you to think physics is just some abstract conjuration of the mind without a physical relevant and so meant for some genuine. I am glad to say there is a physicist in everyone.

According to Prof. S.B. Ojo even the human body is a simple harmonic system with the neck like a string, the head is ball and has a natural frequency of oscillation. Any frequency introduced to the body higher than this brings out injuries. So the whole embodiment of  man is physics. Without any iota of ridicule it is possible to predict when an individual can die because the whole system bores down to a physical phenomenon. The mind of man is dimensionless. Ideas are numerous; Nigeria must not lie in this state for long with this “pearl” that has healed many nations. It is interesting to know that security largest share in the 2008 national budget. One of the primary need of is security and its properties. There are cases of car trackers, ICT compliant security budget where physics must be given a credence.


To make this work relevant to all spheres of the populace, the student and the professional physicists alike. We consider though in passing the reason for the failure of physics especially at the post primary level.

You failed physics because:

  1. You crammed: Several students instead of understanding concept taught they cram and find it difficult to solve other questions except the same question is repeated.
  2. You leaped before thinking: Several students just jump into solution of physics question without digesting the question and gain meaningful understanding so they err
  3. You narrowed your mind: Anything that happens physically obeys several rules. Physics are practical questions and so you must keep all laws and formula at your finger tips.
  4. Fear: You fear the subject this had made you to think it is impossible to know it. Change from being fearful to being adventurous.
  5. You don’t practice: It is being said that exercise begets expertise. As you practice on and on you become a master, solve many questions, get use to all questions and be inquisitive to ask your instructor questions.
  6. You don’t share: Share your knowledge with your colleague and hear their opinion on a particular question.

If you put these things in place, you are on your way to stardom in physics.

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