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3.0 – Communication of Images

3.0 – Communication of Images

3.1 Reverberation of Image

Every individual is a broadcasting station. We are sending and receiving signals continuously every second of the day. Consequently, you are communicating 24/7 even when you are not talking.

There are mainly four ways we communicate;

  • Your countenance
  • Your dressing
  • Your gestures
  • Your voice

You must make sure the all of these are in congruence with your thoughts and intended purpose. The seat of interaction is the mind. So these four channels are channels through which you communicate your thoughts.

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3.2 Influence of Images

I have personally come to acknowledge that the signals you are exhuming does not only affect you but primarily other people in your environment  and that’s why the resentment. If you put on a positive outlook and look nice and have good social skills and well articulate speech you wont lack commendation. Negative images are so detrimental to the people around you. So its not all about you. At least for the sake of others, put up a positive image.

3.3 Imprinting of Images

Its wisdom to concentrate on your strength and work on improving your weakness. Now that you have a great image please keep perpetuating it unto perfection. Keep working on the images better; it may require that you put up a smile throughout the day at work or get new set of clothing you are comfortable with, maintain a professional posture, be a team player or take a language program of public speaking course to enable to gasp the intricacies of the language of use.

3.4 Communication of New Image

Make the change obvious to all; before you know it people will start commending you because of the noticeable changes they have seen in you. Do you know the importance of that? It builds in you a positive self image and confidence to do more, its your feedback system so treasure it. Let everybody notice that you are making effort to change and see how some will be willing to help you change and some may them be bold enough to let you know how they struggle to let you know but couldn’t communicate it to you. Those words are soul soothing and will help you do more.

Wrong appearance connotes from research that you

  • Disorganized
  • Cant multi task
  • Un intelligent
  • Can’t work under pressure
  • Poor self manager and should not be given more responsibilities

For obvious reasons work on your appearances!

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