Mastering The Concept Of Perception: Reasons You Are Esteemed Or Disdained

Mastering The Concept Of Perception: Reasons You Are Esteemed Or Disdained


I personally have been wondering and seeking answers on how people react to people based on certain stimuli. Have you wondered why people reject you or accept you, respect or spite you, place or displace you? This accounts for reasons why some are not successful at job interviews, bidding for contracts, getting political appointments, making new and sustainable friendship, etc. My personal research into these daunting sociological and psychological questions is what accounts for this book. This work aims to also help companies build expertise and competitive advantage over competitors. This book is not only ideal for individuals and businesses but also governments and their machinery to function effectively.

I am of the opinion that this work would spring up further research into this subject because of its importance to examining man as a psychological being in a social context.

In chapter 1, we considered the subject of personality. This is intended to help readers know who they are, and get a proper understanding of who they are. Chapter 2 talked about imaging, by this we are presenting humans as a psychologically photographic entity. Chapter 3 talks of communication of image you have created. In Chapter 4, we talked about the re-creation of the kind of image you want, and lastly, chapter 5 is centered on how images created affect our relationships, businesses, etc.

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Table of Contents

1.0 – Who are you

2.0 – Imaging

3.0 – Communication of Images

  • 3.1 Reverberation of Image
  • 3.2 Influence of Images
  • 3.3 Imprinting of Images
  • 3.4 Communication of new image

4.0 – Perception in Business

  • 4.1 Marketing
  • 4.2 Corporate Imaging
  • 4.3 Continuous Improvement on Image
  • 4.4 It’s in your Hand

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