A Major Talk Next Week At Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna

A Major Talk Next Week At Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna

On Tuesday Oct 24 2017, I will deliver a major speech in the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public and we cannot discuss the topic. But I cannot just pass the irony of the opportunity.

As a teenager, I wanted to attend NDA. But there was a problem: my family did everything to get the application form for the guy living in the village to no avail. At the end, I could not find the application form to apply. The form was esoteric.

But by next week, I will be in NDA, not as a student, but as a professor to speak to some of the most brilliant young people in their generation. I have also accepted to work my global schedules to help deepen capabilities in some critical areas by developing programs in the iconic university.

I am from Ovim (Abia State), the land of Igbo generals. We have military people in nearly every family. We love the military. I am expecting a great moment working with these young people. When the nation called, I had no choice than to answer to assist.

The biggest lesson in life is to keep moving: I will be in NDA – the same one many years ago I could not even find the application form to apply. That is awesome.

And one final word: they will tell you that Nigeria is a hard place to make progress. Sure, we have a long way to go. Nevertheless, the fact remains that brilliance makes way for a man (and woman). Someone in LinkedIn made this opportunity possible. He read my post and called the government. I woke up one morning and a very big person from the military was on the line from the Defence HQ. They had been interviewing people but he told me that you do not need any interview.  He noted that “your works are enough interviews”.  Just like that, we have clusters of opportunities to serve.



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