I Will Keynote Africa’s Largest Fertilizer Conference Next Year in Ethiopia

I Will Keynote Africa’s Largest Fertilizer Conference Next Year in Ethiopia

I have accepted to keynote the largest fertilizer conference in Africa. The 9th Annual  Argus Africa Fertilizer conference will take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 26 – 28 February 2018. As the founder of Zenvus, I am a pioneer in the deployment of digital technology in helping to overcome the constraints inherent in the use of fertilizers in Africa. That is a key element of our work besides the acceleration of precision farming. Delegates from more than 60 countries will attend.

The 9th annual Argus Africa Fertilizer conference will take place 26-28 February 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – the number one meeting place for the African fertilizer supply chain. This is an unrivalled networking forum – the only place to be if you want to build your business across Africa.

Over 520 participants from 63 countries of which 23 are African attended the 2017 event in Cape Town. At the annual Argus Africa Fertilizer event you will join a cross-section of stakeholders including government leaders, finance providers, NGOs, regional distributors and global producer. […]

Argus organises 10 global industry fertilizer events in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and Latin America. All conferences are targeted at decision makers throughout the long supply chain from production through shipping to consumption.

My talk will focus on a new architecture we have engineered in Zenvus on how modern fertilizer companies should redesign themselves using data. We are working to make fertilizer application customizable. That means we want the production of fertilizer to be personalized for the location where it will be used.

That means that a fertilizer for Kano Nigeria may be different for the one to be used in Lagos Nigeria. We do think that by making sure that fertilizers correlate with the needs of the soil, farmers will win. The era of guesswork will be gone. Farmers will use the right fertilizers for their farmers.

If a farm has urea, it may not need much Nitrogen. Our model will inform the farmer to buy a fertilizer without much Nitrogen. That possibility could mean that the fertilizer producer can remove Nitrogen in the mix. The implication is that the cost of the fertilizer can drop, saving farmers money, even if their governments are subsidizing the supply. I believe in Personalized Farming and with Zenvus we are pioneering that.


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