AAR Health Is Redefining Health Services In East Africa


AAR Health started as a rescue and evacuation service in Kenya serving the expatriate market, adding in-patient services in 1991 and a clinic and HMO in 1994. Today, the company has grown to 140,000 customers, representing a 25% market share in Kenya. Expanding to Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia, the company harmonised its product offerings across markets to ensure its leadership position in the provision of health care solutions in Africa.


When AAR started operating in 1984, our primary business was evacuation of medical and accident casualties, both by road and air. As our membership increased, so did the needs of our clients, creating more opportunities to comprehensively provide healthcare packages for our clients. It is our flexibility, innovation and readiness to respond to the needs of our clients that have today made us the leading healthcare company in East Africa, as encapsulated in our vision, mission and core values


In line with their goal of providing ethical healthcare services, AAR Health made a number of investments aimed at increasing their reach: a 60-clinic network in rural Kenya; providing training for their preferred provider; a strategic initiative to work with hospitals to reduce costs and develop new products; a plan to open more centers through a new franchise model; and an aggressive business plan to provide services to the poorest communities with an affordable service mix.


“AAR’s business is to achieve commercial success by providing healthcare solutions in ways that honour ethical values and are compliant with legal requirements, as well as to demonstrate respect for people, less fortunate members of the community and the natural environment.”

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