Acting in “Tuism”: A Model for Contemporary Self-Branding

Acting in “Tuism”: A Model for Contemporary Self-Branding

In the age of connectivity and perfect competition. What you know is known when you can successfully announce to the world that you know. Else, you end up speaking grammar at the vendor’s stand.

“Tuism” is a term I coined in 2017. It has its origin from the two Igbo words ‘itu onu’ – bragging. I have argued that, in recent times when we have many intellectuals, if you don’t “brag in ideas”, no one will get you noticed. It’s just like someone meeting a group of persons and ask a question about a thing. Two persons might know the answer but one will intentionally not speak up in the name of, I don’t want to show off. While another who may not even know it full well will attempt and as such, a message passed. This also happens on socials. Let’s not forget that opportunity doesn’t announce its coming. Always be proactive. Unless you wish not to expand. 

Tuism gets its meaning in praxis. Whatever you brag with must be seen in theory and practical. Anything short of that is a semantic noise. 

Thus, for you to get to where you wish, you need to act like eagles and not chickens, discipline yourself, following the necessary steps being at your best. 

You are not at your best if no one has noticed you. Start acting to be noticed. Package yourself and be prepared for what follows it – OPPORTUNITIES. 

Never ‘untui’ yourself until it amounts to something meaningful. Let us know what you can do. 

It was said by John C. Maxwell that, ” we communicate and connect”, but I say to you today that, the only way to fit into this perfect competitive world is by, “being at your best, connecting and communicating”. 

In life, all you need to do is building self-confidence, believing the authenticity of what you have for reality. With this, every form of fear becomes instrumental to your success and not a stumbling block.

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