The Amazing Zenvus

The Amazing Zenvus

The Government of Canada has put a solid proposal: we want to have Zenvus and its team from Nigeria to Canada.  But there is a major problem: the United States Government gave me money to build Zenvus. You see why I always write “the beautiful America”. It is a country where an immigrant with no connection can get funding to do something amazing, purely based on the quality of his vision. We channel our market deals via Aba in Abia state (Nigeria) to help my home state revenue, and U.S. is just fine with it. 

This image (above) is from a farmer in Asia who uses Zenvus to track and monitor something we did not design for. Of course, a product is useful for whatever customers (legally) use it for.

Zenvus is an intelligent solution for farms which uses proprietary electronic sensors to collect soil data like moisture, nutrients, pH, etc. It then sends the data to a cloud server via GSM, satellite or Wifi. Algorithms in the server analyze the data and advice farmers on farming processes. As the crops grow, the system deploys special cameras to build crop vegetative health index for detection of drought stress, pest and diseases. Our system has the capability to tell a farmer what, how, and when to farm. It has in-built GPS, compass and XL making it possible to map farm boundaries which could be useful during loan and insurance applications.

In 2020, we will open a new playbook: any farmer, not just cooperatives or governments, can buy Zenvus. That includes Zenvus Smartfarm (farm sensors), Zenvus Yield (our camera) and Zenvus Loci (disposable & reusable trackers).

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3 thoughts on “The Amazing Zenvus

  1. Nigeria’s challenge is complex, but we could have made a lot of progress if only the educated class really think differently from their illiterate counterparts, unfortunately there’s no much difference between both classes. The people who will frustrate your vision here aren’t the illiterates, rather the so called educated and elite class; after wasting all the money going to school, the minds remain debasingly unenlightened, as if no light has ever passed through them.

    Before your ideas are given serious consideration at the highest level of governance, your surname and geopolitical zone could have greater influence, more than the quality of your vision; so the to march to mediocrity continues unabated.

    May Zenvus’ story shine light on our crude ways, that we may value excellence over parochial allegiances; there’s really no alternative.

    Nice one from Zenvus Continent, keep them coming.

  2. The potentials are huge Prof. I hope the powers that be in Nigeria, tap into this massively.
    I will be keeping close watch for when zenvus is launched to individual farmers.
    Very well done Prof.


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