Tekedia Adverts Structure – Place Your Ads With Africa’s #1 Technology And Entrepreneurship Blog

We begin by thanking all those that have advertised with us.Simply, Tekedia is not a hobby; we are a business. And we need revenue to grow with all the research, projects and coverage we bring to our readers. We are making progress on our ranking, daily. Email email [email protected] to place your ads. We are really affordable.

Tekedia is Nigeria’s #1 Technology and Entrepreneurship blog. We think we are very good and well ahead of the competition. Tekedia is evolving as Africa’s #1 technology blog also. So, you have the right platform to push that message further.  For our statistics, please visit our Advert page.

The following are the ads structure we have.

  • iLoop360: We will put your company in the list of other ones. There are about 15 of such firms that rotate daily.
  • Sponsored reviews and articles: We welcome your promoted articles and reviews, anytime and any day.
  • Sponsored categories:  We can give you one full Category to post anything that will enhance your brand and delight our readers
  • Banner: We have the one near our logo with the Google placeholder and the four slots in the Sponsors section at the RHD sidebar of our blog.


Email [email protected] for pricing today! We think you will get value for your ads with us.

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