Africa’s Microchip Designers – Fasmicro Transistor Level Chip Design Services

We are Fasmicro. We provide world-class advisory and consulting services on all areas of semiconductors and microelectronics. Contact us for setting up your microelectronics labs, institutes and academies. We help clients develop innovative designs and custom IPs at both system and components levels as well as coordinate manufacturing at international foundries. We have networks of partners in Taiwan, US, France and Canada for fabless contract manufacturing for chip and PCB. We also provide international partner intermediaries services and academic curricula development.


We enable local, state and federal governments across Africa to develop semiconductor and microelectronics strategies. We help you carry studies and a roadmap on how the diffusion of these technologies will help to advance your entity and transition it from dependence on minerals and hydrocarbons to be knowledge driven. Either you are planning a Technology Park or Technology Village, we will provide a winning idea.


We provide custom training on all areas of VLSI in both analog and digital systems. We have licensed CAD tools for VLSI designs and printed circuit board (PCB) education. We sell and support all major brands of FPGA boards such as Xilinx, Altera, etc. Our unique service provides free 2-day offsite training if a client buys CAD, FPGA/VHDL, Demo boards and labware from us. We also train on embedded systems and microprocessor programming and extend that knowledge to robotics. We are master coders on Microchip and Parallax microprocessor families. We cover from design physics to testing.


We supply and/or support all common microelectronics or semiconductor labware. These include microelectronics CAD tools, oscilloscope, function generators, meters, power supplies, silicon wafers, etc. Upon supply, our engineers will train your staff on how to use them. And we now offer transistor level design contracting


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