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Tekedia REDESIGN – A Virtual Conference: Africa In Mobile + Cloud Era.

In the last few years, most parts of the world have morphed into an electronically interdependent economic unit where a disruption in one marketplace affects the others. New technologies have emerged, transforming the ways we do business and, consequently, redesigning the world. Innovation in disruptive technologies pushes new and more agile firms to set new benchmarks, and forces established companies to incorporate evolving breakthroughs into their models or re-invent themselves to stay competitive.

Innovation thus remains a key driver in wealth creation, but the way it happens is changing as a result of new technologies, processes and tools. As social media networks advance, outsourcing ideas to the crowd has become common, while inter-company R&D that pools resources together is a new normal. From agriculture to print media, finance to mortgage and across sectors, industries, and disciplines, the world is being redesigned.

Two technologies that are playing major roles in this redesigning process are mobile and cloud computing.They continue to shape how new companies operate. A business without a mobile strategy will fail in this age because the future is mobile, just as today is mobile.  Aligning with mobile in this emerging change is cloud computing. It opens the opportunity for companies, irrespective of size, to access huge computing power which traditionally they cannot afford. So, with cloud computing and mobile systems,  global business has moved into  a new era.

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In this conference, we will be discussing these two important topics in the context of Africa.  Right here on Tekedia.com on August 27, 2011.

The theme of the Virtual Conference is


Africa In Mobile + Cloud Era



You will watch feeds from experts and pros as they discuss the future on mobility and cloud computing and how that will affect Africa. No ticket, no travel, it is all in the cloud. We guess the best way to experience mobile and cloud is to do a conference in the domains of mobile and cloud!



Date: August 27, 2011

Time: We will start 3pm Lagos time or 10am New York Time for the video feeds.  Exclusive mobile and cloud focused articles will begin to appear on Tekedia from 5am Lagos time the same day.


We are inviting people with experience in this area. Send us contents. If you want to contribute, please send your video or audio to [email protected]. If you cannot make a video or audio, please send us an article on this topic. We will dedicate that date simply to share insights in these very important topics and their huge implications for Africa.


This is going to be huge,   and we promise to offer you a good time.



Tekedia REDESIGN Organizers

[email protected]



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