AIFI’s Nanostore Is The Future of Retail Store Technologies

AIFI’s Nanostore Is The Future of Retail Store Technologies

By Nnamdi Odumody

Aifi is a technology company which creates the world’s most advanced store automation systems. Utilizing artificial intelligence, edge computing and scalable sensor fusion technology, AIfi delivers autosize checkout operations for retailers of any size.

Its breakthrough innovation, Nanostore, provides a tiny footprint, plug and play retail store of the future which can operate unmanned 24 hours. Nanostore leverages Aifi powered AI, cameras and sensors to provide retailers with the world’s first plug and play solution to automatic checkout. It runs day to day operations of a small convenience type store which notifies you only when its inventory needs restocking, and runs 24-hour operations allowing customers to shop at any time.

With the NanoStore, AiFi provides retailers the opportunity to expand their lines of business with a pattern for a very small (starting at 160-square-foot)

Aifi’s proprietary sensor fusion technology combines deep learning, computer vision and various shelf sensors to precisely track each customer’s journey and behavior in the store, recognize the products they pick up, and automatically generates a receipt as they checkout.

As a result of rising overhead costs in retail store operations which has led to the major ones downsizing globally due to automation, and some moving their staff to areas where they will be able to perform efficiently, the disruption of the traditional retail store is here. It is expected that more retailers will shift to retail store technologies like Nanostore thereby reducing the need for more human-driven operations.

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