Anambra Lands And The Playbook Opens for Economic Growth

Anambra Lands And The Playbook Opens for Economic Growth

It is amazing and this shows that the government can still get things done. Anambra state governor, Willie Obiano, has put his name in the record books. I know why because he has delivered as promised: 15 months and Nigeria’s widest runway airport is born. When we talk of economic opportunity, this is what we are talking about: infrastructure. Get the Ibom Deep Seaport going, and the economy of Nigeria will add few points.

I want to congratulate all the good people of Anambra state for this accomplishment, not just for having a new airport, but doing it when every state government receipt disappears in “security votes”. Una don do well.

Tekedia Fellow John Mc Keown looks into this good news from Nigeria:

“Chairman of Air Peace, Mr Allen Onyema “…What we have here is the widest runway ever (in Nigeria) ..and could land a Boeing 777 and an Airbus 380.’ He described the new Anambra Airport as ‘an ambitious project initiated by Gov. Willie Obiano which has recorded impressive execution in 15 months…Being the newest airport in Nigeria, Anambra International, of course, now has the most cutting edge technology in airport management currently available.”

Nigeria, congratulations. Let’s build our infrastructures and get this country going.


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