Beyond Health Techs, We Need Health Insurance Plans as Healthpoint Offers

Beyond Health Techs, We Need Health Insurance Plans as Healthpoint Offers

Good people, we started Medcera with one mission: to build a health operating system in Africa. In our platform, we bring a fusion of doctors, labs, imaging, pharmacy and insurance anchored around patients. One company we admire greatly in helping our mission is Healthpoint which is pushing the nexus of on-demand health insurance plans.

Simply, we believe that not having a formal job should not prevent anyone from having health insurance within HMO. I invite you to check them out.

Yes, the fact is this: innovation on health insurance could be as catalytic as health technology itself. That is why I want you to preach that Nigeria needs to upgrade our health insurance systems. We need innovators in this space – I am learning fast that after the techs, we need the plans.

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Most of the things we imported or copied from elsewhere haven’t worked, and yet we are not learning fast.

We argue that the problem with insurance in Nigeria borders on trust and awareness, while perhaps financial inclusion or under-banking was blamed on illiteracy. Yet, the “illiterate” citizens do esusu and its constituents, comfortably handing their fellows huge sums of money, which some run away with sometimes, and yet the contributors haven’t abandoned the practice. Yet we do not seem to innovate around what already works…

In an economy that is largely informal, and yet both the health insurance and pension scheme were skewed towards the small proportion of the population, those in the formal economy. No wonder everything keeps failing, despite investing billions, because we keep formulating policies for aliens.

We seem to have a local model for every challenge we have in the land, but the policymakers keep looking across the Atlantic for answers.

HealthPoint’s Innovation to Scale Health Insurance in Nigeria


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