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Digital Board for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Registered Members Area)

Digital Board for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Registered Members Area)

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings. On behalf of our faculty from around the world, I am honoured to welcome you to this page, for Tekedia Mini-MBA (next edition announced here), a community service all of us have created together. Beginning Feb 10, we will start a  journey to co-learn and co-share on the mechanics of markets, innovation, business operations, and growth. We will examine emerging business frameworks, models and technologies, across different domains and sectors, and how they are redesigning the ordinances of economic architectures, industrial systems and competitiveness. This knowledge excursion will last for four months. I expect it to deepen our capabilities and advance the companies we work for. Simply, we will innovate, not just invent, to fix market frictions in our sectors.

This table below will have active links, in successive weeks, for you to navigate to the specific contents. You will see weekly overview, written materials, flash cases, videos and challenge assignments. There is a section to ask questions and discuss the topics; you can always email. More so, on Saturdays, we will host webinars. 

Please note that March 23, May 4 and June 1 weeks are structured for you to apply acquired knowledge on specific activities in your company. 

Once again, welcome and thank you for joining us. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Tekedia Institute

NB: Anytime you are logged out, or told that you are not subscribed, and you are looking for where to login, go to this LOGIN PAGEhttps://www.tekedia.com/wp-login.php ; login, and then return back to this very page to access the weekly session.


Theme: Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies
Week Focus/Faculty
Feb 10 Business Mission, Growth through Innovation – Ndubuisi Ekekwe
Feb 17 The Grand Playbook of Business – Ndubuisi Ekekwe
Feb 24 Evolving Business Models, Digital Frameworks & Strategies, Positioning Strategies – Ndubuisi Ekekwe 
Mar 2 New Technologies, Growth, Disruptive Innovation I

–          Blockchain (Uchi Uchibeke, Secure Key Canada)

–          AI (Toyin Arowolo, African Reinsurance Corp, Nigeria)

Mar 9 New Technologies, Growth, Disruptive Innovation II

–          Cloud (Gbolaro Oshun, Oracle Cloud Consultant)

–          Data Management, Big Data & Analytics, Data Systems (Adewole C Ogunyadeka, PhD, esure Group, UK)

Mar 16 Capital Markets, Investing & Fundraising

–          Azeez Lawal (TrustBanc Group, Nigeria)

Mar  23 The Coronavirus Pandemic Economy – Ndubuisi Ekekwe

– Pandemic business continuity policy (Lab)

Mar 30 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustaining Competitive Advantage & Transformation

– Gloria Gowal, HEC Paris France

Apr  6 A Playbook for Founders and CEOs During Pandemic, Recession or Market Upheaval

–  Tekedia Institute

Apr 13 Process and Leadership in Business

–          Dr. Ayodeji Oyebola (Emmright Consulting, USA)

Apr 20 Innovation Lessons: 5in5 (5 Firms in 5 Sectors) – Africa, Global, The State of the Tech Nation, Emerging Opportunities (Africa, Global)

– Ndubuisi Ekekwe, Douglas O. Chukwuekwe (LargePlaceTech).


Apr 27 Market Synthesis, Digital Perception Marketing (stimulating new markets) – Ndubuisi Ekekwe
May 4 Winning in Business Special Series – Ndubuisi Ekekwe

•              Session 1 – Readiness for The Frictions of Nations

•              Session 2 – The Six to Unlock Values in Markets

•              Session 3 – The Two Critical Playbooks

•              Session 4 –  Mechanics of growth & Investment Options

•              Session 5 – Finding the Edges and Market Opportunities

•              Deep Conversations – Answers to Big Questions

May 11 Sales Management, Marketing and Growth

–          Moby Onuoha (Queen’s University, Canada)

May 18 Review of Previous Sessions (Feb 10 to May 17) – Ndubuisi Ekekwe
May 25  

Supply Chain Management, Global Partnership & Contracting – Adebayo Adeleke, ex-Chief of Contracting and Deputy Chief, Business Operations Division, US Army

Jun 1 Career and Jobs During Pandemic – Captain Ola Olubawale, CEO, Seamate Australia


Develop a Project Roadmap for company you work (Lab) – Tekedia Institute

Jun 8  

Driving Profitable Growth, Marginal Cost, Scaling – Ndubuisi Ekekwe


June 10 The Call to Execution (Summary) – Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Report , Closure – Ndubuisi Ekekwe

Career Week : Nov 2-7 2020. Connect via this link

Post-Program Update: we are using email newsletter to do that. It is more efficient doing that over posting things here.


*All Saturdays will host webinars 11am- 12noon Lagos time (link on weekly page)

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13 THOUGHTS ON Digital Board for Tekedia Mini-MBA (Registered Members Area)

  1. Awakening the dead is what I will call what is happening to my brain that I used to think was incapable of innovation.

    The rich content of this program is burying and birthing new fundamentals that will trigger eruptive growth years to come.

    Kindly delve into who is responsible for ensuring that companies respects enacted laws; the IOC’s gives mud contract to oil and gas services companies, who then turnaround to import Barite without making sure that 60% of the Barite must be sourced from Nigeria? I think that the IOC’s should be held responsible, what is your opinion on this our great Prof?

  2. *What’s the business model that enables Keystone Bank to pay (salaries) to their staff spouse that doesn’t work for them.

    *They also pay up to 4 of your children salaries.
    What’s the sustainability construct or social responsibility?

  3. My Tekedia Mini- MBA journey

    The program lasted for a period of four months, February 10th to June 10th, 2020 with engaging sessions every Monday which I always looked forward to.

    The lead facilitator- Prof Ndubusi Ekekwe helped to simplify topics with data analysis, facts and comparisons from various top organisations with key factors contributing to their challenges in the market and also their profitability ratios.

    The Corona virus Pandemic economy session were very profound . The topic was useful as I personally implemented some of the key factors in my business.

    The Mini- MBA has reshaped my idea of business and entrepreneurship.

    Thank you Tekedia Institute.

    Ifeanyi Okeibunor

  4. I’m unable to login my dashboard on edition 1. I’ve been trying to go through the contents again but it’s been impossible. Each time I try it says not subscribed. Please fix. Thanks

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