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[Call For Proposals] GG2012: Changing Education For A Changing World

GG2012: Changing education for a changing world
The world’s population will soon reach seven billion, yet our current systems and institutions only directly reach a small minority. Without a very different vision for the future, large parts of global society will be excluded from the benefits afforded to a highly educated and skilled population. The proposition of Going Global 2012 is that education has the ability to shape and connect the lives of people around the world. But to do this would require us to radically re-think the nature of our universities and colleges. Just how radical must that vision be? Are traditional institutions equipped to create this new reality or does it call for freer and much more dynamic thinking? How can we move from vision to reality?


GG2012: Call for proposals
The conference will focus on three key themes. Under each, a number of thought provoking questions will be posed. The future worldUniversities and colleges require a radically different vision if they are to shape the world of the twenty first century. We welcome unique views on what this vision might look like, as well as practical proposals capable of turning it into reality.

  • What do we want universities and colleges of the future to look like, and what steps should we take to get there?
  • If future global prosperity depends on a highly educated and skilled workforce with an international perspective, what role will institutions play in delivering globally literate citizens?
  • Who are the new players in creating the future? And how will universities and colleges collaborate with them?
  • How will institutions create partnerships in which innovation flourishes?

The connected world

As the world becomes ever more connected, do we now have a greater awareness of the apparent disconnection between cultures, generations and socio-economic groups? What is the role of education in re-connecting the peoples of the world?



  • How will institutions reach beyond traditional boundaries?
  • What role will institutions play in making the world a safer place?
  • How will institutional collaborations and partnerships shape and create a connected world?
  • Is internationalisation a real driving force in connecting the world, and what part does mobility have to play?

Winners and losers

The future of universities and colleges will require them to reach out beyond their traditional geographical, cultural and academic boundaries. One of the consequences of institutions becoming more inclusive is that their barriers – which safeguard their ownership of knowledge and give them authority – will disappear. Who could benefit from this shift? Who might share, or in some cases take over, the traditional roles of universities and colleges?

  • Who will be the winners and losers, and how will this change and shape education?
  • Public/private – an uncomfortable partnership or an opportunity to innovate?
  • Knowledge economies, global challenges and global agendas – how will institutions define their role?
  • Who will measure the benefits of education and how can institutions better demonstrate their value?

To add your perspective to the debate, submit a proposal. You will need to visit our new website (more information below). You can submit a proposal for a:

  • full session (1 hour and 15 minutes)
  • paper presentation (15 to 20 minutes)
  • poster presentation (30 minutes for one to one discussions)

We welcome proposals from around the world. Submit your proposal by Friday 16 September 2011 at 17:00 BST.


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