Tekedia Company Of The Day – Jobberman

Name: Jobberman

Website: Jobberman.com

Reason: Provides job search service with intuitive tool

Rating: 3.9

Comment: The company faces disruption if they do not develop an interface that will enable employers to create their job ads themselves. They must stop editing job ads as most times they edit out the core requirements.


(For rating, we evaluate four factors: Originality of idea, African Relevance, Design and Execution, and Business Sustainability. Our scale is from 1 to 5 with 1 lowest and 5 Highest. A  company with 5 scored high in the aggregate of the four factors. A rating of 1 means the company needs to work harder ).


Tekedia Today’s Pick is a new product from Tekedia. It was introduced on June 25, 2011. It evaluates products and services in the domain of Africa. Only African-based companies qualify. Everyday, we will select One Company and rate it.  We are not just evaluating the website, we are looking at the business aspect and sustainability.


Visit Tekedia.com every 5am Lagos time for the day’s pick.





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