Enyo Retail and Supply is Deploying Tech to Transform Fuel Marketing in Nigeria

Enyo Retail and Supply is Deploying Tech to Transform Fuel Marketing in Nigeria

Enyo Retail and Supply is a new entrant into the downstream petroleum value chain with a vision to be the most innovative distributor of quality fuel products in Subsaharan Africa driven, supported with technology.

With over 700 employees and presence in 14 states, to be the preferred choice in a market that has several strong competitors, it has won the hearts of many by innovation in service delivery with proprietary technology deployed to boost its operations, relying on real time analytics.

It has a suite of products which include:

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  • Diesel2Door, a quick and flexible and convenient manner to pay for automotive gas oil (diesel) and have it delivered at their convenience
  • Superior Liquefied Gas that allows its customers to purchase gas without having to pay for the cylinder
  • Vehicon an extra service which does vehicle diagnostics and other maintenance for free to reward customer loyalty in a sector where the consumer experience is bridled with underhand dealings from fuel station operators. It also does this to create a culture of vehicle diagnostics for Nigerians which will help in eliminating road accidents which could occur due to faulty vehicles.


To differentiate itself as a brand with integrity in service delivery amongst its pillars, it launched the ‘’Fuelled by Trust’’ initiative in 2018, to offer its customers commensurate value for the fuel purchased from its service stations as Nigerians are now wary of the accuracy and measurements of pump litres.

Another game changing extra value offering by this downstream brand is its MechTech service which has seen it deepen the capabilities of Nigerian mechanics by facilitating their education abroad, to upskill their capacity, in order to cope with the demands of fixing automotives of today and the future. Considering the fact that 80 percent of mechanics in the country lack the know how to repair state of the art vehicles which are brought to them, this corporate social investment by Enyo Retail and Supply must be commended.

Noticing the demand supply gap in STEM skills which is now critical for the socio-economic transformation of Nigeria, it partnered with leading social innovation lab Co-Creation Hub to launch a STEM Café at its service station where parents can bring their children to learn relevant skills such as coding, 3Dprinting, robotics, etc which will help them become players in a technology driven world.

Enyo’s long term vision is to become Nigeria’s first digitally smart self operating retail fuel brand which will offer 24 hour services autonomously. It is on the right track to make this promise a reality.

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