Facyber has updated prices to serve our learners as enrollments accelerate

Facyber has updated prices to serve our learners as enrollments accelerate

We are very happy to inform our learners and future ones that we have updated our prices, on First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber), with immediate effects. The increase in the prices is to enable us continue to meet demands on network resources.

Over the last few days, we have struggled with capacity overload owing to huge enrollments. This price increase will help us with resources to provide more stable learning infrastructure. We thank you for your understanding.

First Atlantic Cybersecurity Institute (Facyber) is a cybersecurity training, consulting and research company specializing in all areas of cybersecurity including Cybersecurity Policy, Management, Technology, Intelligence and Digital Forensics. Facyber is based in United States. with Fasmicro as its Nigerian liaison.

The clientele base covers universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, governments, government labs and agencies, businesses, civil organizations, and individuals. Specifically, the online courses are designed for the needs of learners of any discipline or field (science, engineering, law, policy, business, etc) with the components covering policy, management, and technology.

Programs are structured as Certificate, Diploma and Nanodegree programs with deep resources to support Learners.   Please see complete Facyber catalog and detailed Table of Contents.

Learn about:
– Cybersecurity Policy (Certificate, Diploma, or Nanodegree)
– Cybersecurity Management (Certificate, Diploma, or Nanodegree)
– Cybersecurity Technology (Certificate, Diploma, or Nanodegree)
– Cybersecurity Intelligence and Digital Forensics (Certificate, Diploma, or Nanodegree)

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