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Nigeria is recording huge trade deficit

Nigeria is recording huge trade deficit and that is a major concern when we need resources to support more millions of citizens: "Nigeria’s current account continued in its negative trajectory in the first quarter of the year to stand at a deficit of $1.75 billion, characterized by a huge trade deficit, a decline in foreign direct investments as well as in remittances. Balance of Payment (BOP) is a statement that records all the monetary transactions made between residents of a country and the rest of the world during any given period. It is ideal in measuring whether a country has a surplus or deficit of funds."

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Awopetu Emmanuel

The solutions to our problem are known. Cut down the cost of governance!

Make debts work!

If banks are to borrow you money, they do it that you pay back- It's not charity!

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Debt distress, FDIs, SDRs, Green Financing all this would not  work if we don't manage properly.

early this morning, I was listening to the incumbent President of Ghana speak at the Chatham house, I must say he blazed the stage.

I found out that this was the third time of speaking on the stage, the two earlier times was done as a pressure party. My point is we need strong opposition we make things work. In and out of office. And we cannot deny his works- Twitter and Toyota are in his base while we here are the users.

We need to behave. If the Godfather movie didn't teach us anything, we must learn that the first son( Nigeria as acclaimed giant) can be sidelined on grounds of Incompetency.  This would only just ignite another vicious cycle.

Good Morning sir.