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Should Nigerian Schools Sell Lands for Revenue?

If US schools are selling dorms, Nigerian schools should sell excess lands which they are never going to make use of. Of course that may be hard since these schools never actually bought the land to start it: they were given out by the landowners to the schools as part of the efforts to develop the areas.  So, if you do not need the land, the best thing may be to return it back to the original owners.

A growing number of struggling U.S. colleges are selling their student housing to real estate developers in an effort to ease their pandemic-induced financial woes. Roughly 30% of public and private universities are running deficits, according to Moody’s Investors Service, creating a “perfect storm” for investors looking to snap up real estate from cash-strapped schools. Empty dorms can be converted into new apartments for white-collar workers — with rent increases of as much as 25%

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