Good People, Believe The Promise of Tomorrow

Good People, Believe The Promise of Tomorrow

The best strategy is NEVER lose hope: tomorrow is a promise. Those days in FUTO, we skipped meals. Then, in days, after receiving the first paycheck, the past became history. Never doubt the promises of tomorrow. Do not feed your mind so much with Abuja. Find the energy to do productive and creative things. Like in the acres of diamond, think of  the periwinkle: you must crack it to get the cryolite, the precious gem. #believe

The cryolite is a precious gem. Some of the finest types are made from periwinkle. But that only happens when the animal shell is cracked.

Many who rose to the mountaintop like Nelson Mandela experienced the cracking of their shells. But instead of the agonies of pains, they released abundance and hope, elements of societal priceless gems, which changed the destinies of people.

The key is this: do not give up because the NEXT chapter could be awesome.


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