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How To Shape Customers into The Best Brand Ambassadors

How To Shape Customers into The Best Brand Ambassadors

Customers are very tricky nowadays, so it takes a lot to satisfy them. With the latest technologies, customers can order for the goods they need from a mobile device which will be delivered to their doorstep at the fastest possible time. Social media is used by UPS as a tool to anticipate customer needs and improve service times and efficiencies. For instance, Apple’s executive team reads customer emails virtually every day to ensure that the business aligns with the main concerns of the customer base.

Nowadays companies are getting more engaged and dedicated to their target audiences, and that has led to the improvement in brand loyalty and overall customer experience. However, there is still a large chasm between those who adore and promote for a brand and those that simply use their beloved products or services out of a sense of loyalty.

The objective for any business owner must be to convert customers into the best brand ambassadors. Those brand ambassadors are individuals who noticeably exhibit the adoption, use, and preference for a certain brand.

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Below are ways by which you can shape customers into the best brand ambassadors.

  • Request for UGC

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool that can aid you to market your brand and shape your customers into the best brand ambassadors. This is free and useful as it acts as relevant and valuable feedback on a customer-to-customer basis. Not only that, but it also authenticates your business, and switch a customer to a brand ambassador. 

  • Deliver a wonderful customer experience

With modern manufacturing techniques and a viable world-wide commerce arena, products purchased are almost flawless. Which means the only differentiating factor may be the total client experience created by your business. There are some questions you need to ask yourself, which are – whether your site is slow? Is it tough to navigate? Are you managing the customer’s experience from the first touch to the last? If the answers to those questions are negative, you will have a tough time switching your customers to the best brand ambassadors. 

  • Request for Feedback

Just think for a moment, how many of your customers refer their friends and families to your business? If they are many, then you have many potential brand ambassadors in your hand. The mechanism you can make use of is to embed a rating scale on your site or a post-purchase survey that request for a reply to a “how likely are you to recommend” message. After that, you can add those who rate you a 9 or 10 to your potential pool of ambassadors. 

  • Craft Loyalty Programs

The objective of this step is to drive brand loyalty through repeat business. When you do that repeatedly, the customer will be shaped into the best brand ambassadors. All you need to do is to keep it simple. This is the rationale behind credit card companies making use of the “1% or 2% back on every purchase” idea rather than a tiered rewards program that includes many categories to manage. This means simplicity drives devotion and adoption. 

  • Craft Value through Cost

If you offer your product for free, your customers may feel there is no exact value to the offering. For instance, companies like Amazon that charges their customers’ high membership fee will ensure that their customers commit to their service and extract every last bit of value out of it. This ensures that about 40% of US citizens make use of their premium service. 

Final Word…

Reflect on the aforementioned ways and you will find it much easier to shape your customers into the best brand ambassadors.

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