Join Lagos Business School MBA Students On Dec 8, 2018 – Gov Fayemi, NSE Onyema, Min Enelamah, US Amb Stuart, More

Join Lagos Business School MBA Students On Dec 8, 2018 – Gov Fayemi, NSE Onyema, Min Enelamah, US Amb Stuart, More

The Africa Business Conference is an annual forum that targets business leaders, financiers, and policy makers across Africa and the world , as well as investors seeking to do business in Africa, with the aim of generating insights and gaining mindshare on trends in Africa that would affect doing business in Africa and propel the continent to the forefront of advanced economies in the world. The conference is aimed at creating a platform for thought leaders to come together to chart a course forward for Africa to serve as a platform to foster networking between industry leaders and business men in Africa.

Register here immediately to attend – N5,000.

The conference has been hosted by the MBA class of the Lagos Business school since 2013. This year, in tune with the aim of the conference, the MBA hosted an earlier conference themed “Opportunity Realisation in Africa”, to set a tone for the intentional realization of goals for the year.

With the introduction of the 2018+ edition, the 7th installment is themed “Human Capital: The Key to Africa’s transformation”.

This second installment for the year came as a reaction to the pulse of the business environment and the people who make up this environment. The humans are the lifeblood of any venture first, before the idea and the finances. It is increasingly becoming apparent that as a people, Africans are the most valuable resource available in the continent, often overlooked or unappreciated.

With this conference, we aim to have conversations on why we are unable to efficiently harness this strength as a continent, as a people. There is scheduled an array of key note speakers from notable works like the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Nigerian government, as well as the international community as well as several break out panels, so that irrespective of the corner of the earth where you play, there is enough audience to your questions.

The conference true to its interest in people began with a social network campaign, celebrating Africans who have passionately worked on their interest in humanity, sharing their stories with the tag “Building my African dream”, found on social media with the hashtag #BMAD.

Further information on the conference, its panel speakers and available panels can be found on the official website, and through our social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram with the handle, lbsabcc.

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