Kobo360 Wears Red Cap to CNN

Kobo360 Wears Red Cap to CNN

Ndubuisi Ekekwe had since resigned from Kobo360 board.

Kobo, West Africa’s logistics pioneer, was profiled by CNN this weekend.  I wrote about this firm in September 2017 and called it “Nigeria’s best logistics company”. It is amazing what the two founders have done here. Congratulations! (The co-founder Obi Ozor likes red caps.)

I like Kobo, a logistics startup that operates from Lagos, Nigeria. It is a very fine company deepening its capacity as a network orchestrator through aggregation. Kobo is positioning itself as a company of the future in the broad logistics sector.

If you own a truck and it is not in Kobo, you may be missing a lot. Kobo provides its drivers health insurance, supports them with school fees, and offers data-driven logistics efficiency, delighting value to drivers who see reverse utilization rate beat any record in Nigeria

Today, we estimate that every Nigerian uses a product moved by a truck within Kobo ecosystem at least once a day. It moves cargoes for leading brands like Flour Mills, Olam, etc. And it is just starting. This is a category-king business and it was born Nigerian.

Kobo – more roads are open.


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