Kobo360 Wears Red Cap to CNN

Kobo360 Wears Red Cap to CNN

Kobo, West Africa’s logistics pioneer, was profiled by CNN this weekend.  I wrote about this firm in September 2017 and called it “Nigeria’s best logistics company”. It is amazing what the two founders have done here. Congratulations! (The co-founder Obi Ozor likes red caps.)

I like Kobo, a logistics startup that operates from Lagos, Nigeria. It is a very fine company deepening its capacity as a network orchestrator through aggregation. Kobo is positioning itself as a company of the future in the broad logistics sector.

If you own a truck and it is not in Kobo, you may be missing a lot. Kobo provides its drivers health insurance, supports them with school fees, and offers data-driven logistics efficiency, delighting value to drivers who see reverse utilization rate beat any record in Nigeria

Today, we estimate that every Nigerian uses a product moved by a truck within Kobo ecosystem at least once a day. It moves cargoes for leading brands like Flour Mills, Olam, etc. And it is just starting. This is a category-king business and it was born Nigerian.

Kobo – more roads are open.

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