Lagos Software Firm, ATB Techsoft, Unveils FinUltimate Sales Automation With AI Capabilities

Lagos Software Firm, ATB Techsoft, Unveils FinUltimate Sales Automation With AI Capabilities

I truly like companies we work with. ATB Techsoft is a category-king software entity which has grown rapidly over the last few months. With the company’s permission, I did a piece how we worked with ATB Techsoft, using the One Oasis Strategy, to shape strategy on the company’s software business. We found the oasis; yes, the best product: FinUltimate. Then, the One Oasis Mechanism was implemented, adding intelligence in the product with elemental AI systems. Today, FinUltimate has blossomed, and has a life of its own, winning markets and territories not just in Nigeria but Africa.

In business, you need to identify your best product (the oasis) and get other products to build habitations around it.  I’d spent time in a very fascinating software powerhouse in Lagos: ATB Techsoft Solutions. ATB Techsoft is one of the largest emerging software companies in Nigeria today with excess of 20 great products with applications across industrial sectors.  I would be sharing more on this company in coming days. But in a conversation, I asked the MD of the company to find an oasis within his firm. He came back after one week with an answer: its oasis is FinUltimate.

I share these contents from FinUltimate team below and certainly want you to send your sales automation business frictions to them. Every aspect of the technology is home-grown and developed under the leadership of the CEO. So, they have the capacity to evolve any process or system to meet your specific needs.

Features of FinUltimate

Sales automation is the process of using software to automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation (Webopedia).

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The data derived from these activities helps to improve an organization’s sales process, and also helps such companies build better relationships with clients. This will ultimately lead to closing more deals faster.

Sales automation tools are usually accessible in real time providing the organization with vital reports on sales, revenue and the activity of every sales person in that organization. This helps to know who is contributing positively to the bottom line of the company.

Integrating sales automation into an organization’s operations provides useful data and insights that helps an organization improve its service. It also helps sales people become more productive.


Benefits of sales automation to an organization

  • With sales automation, salespeople can record all their activities in real time which management can access to evaluate their impact. Management will then be able to make decisions based on real-time information made available from the sales automation system.
  • Organization’s can set their sales process, ensuring sales people meet certain conditions before they can move deals to the next stage of their pipeline.
  • Generated data fosters greater collaboration and information sharing among members of the organization

FinUltimate, a made in Nigeria CRM tool, is a good marketing automation tool. FinUltimate comes equipped with smart tools to drive up your sales.

Some of the features of FinUltimate includes: Email integration, Credit Management, Competitor analysis, Quotation management, Deal management, Pipeline management, Target viewing & much more.

You can visit to get started!


How a Lagos Software Company Is Growing


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