Let’s Debate With Respect On The BIG BAN

Let’s Debate With Respect On The BIG BAN

Good People, let us discuss and debate with civility. Make your points and do not attack people. Those who are saying that Twitter ought NOT to have banned President Trump while he is a president have the rights to their opinions. The same applies to those who think otherwise. But calling names should stop please. Trump was the only person who made me vote for the first time in America; I campaigned and voted against him BIG time. He is a poor leader. Yet, banning him on Twitter while a President is not about Trump but about his office. I think that is WRONG. He is the Commander-in-Chief as we write, and he commands the land, air, sea, space, and bytes.

See what Twitter is doing to the @Potus handle. Since they cannot ban Potus which belongs to the American people, they are deleting his tweets. Is that not what we have proposed to Twitter? Embargo his tweets for 60 seconds and filter as necessary. We do that in Tekedia Forum; New York Times does it,  and it is a common protocol.

Please you do not need to agree with those who think that Trump should not be banned, at least, while he is the big boss in the land. But respect that perspective. The other argument applies. I want people to keep coming to this digital square; let us not use hard words. Make your point and do not attack please.


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