LG Optimus One Phone Review – “Optimus” Means “Best” In Latin. We Await The Launch.

The LG Optimus One with Google is the first in a series of Optimus handsets that LG intends to release. Following in the footsteps of the LG Optimus GT540, the Optimus One handset will be launched alongside the Optimus Chic phone.


The name “optimus” means “best” in Latin, so LG is clearly planning to deliver an impressive range of smartphones. Design wise, the Optimus One has a look of the HTC Desire, with a large touchscreen twinned with smooth hardware keys beneath it. The premise behind this device, LG says, is user-friendliness so expect a vibrant and logical UI on this handset.



Being a Google-based device, the LG Optimus One runs on the Android 2.2 platform and comes with an array of features such as Google Maps, Google Talk, Gmail and YouTube. There is also access to the Android Market for browsing further apps and games, and downloading onto the phone – and we expect the memory to have a capacity of 32GB, allowing for plenty of storage space for all your apps and data.



There are multimedia features onboard the Optimus but the specifics have not been confirmed. There’s sure to be a camera, and a high quality one given the name of the series of phones this One belongs to – although the range will actually include both affordable and high-end devices, as well as handsets based on different operating systems. Music will also feature and we’d be surprised if there is no FM radio thrown in for good measure.



Rumours are rife about the LG Optimus One with Google, and we’ll bring a full review of this smartphone as soon as we are able to.


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