M-Chanjo Simplifies Immunization Program – SMS Ensures Your Child Never Miss A Shot

M-Chanjo by M-Chanjo is an application that creates a centralized registry for children who should be in an immunization program, creates SMS reminders as a way of creating awareness and reminding patients of scheduled appointments, and manages patients’ appointments through an automated system.


Basically the firm is poised  to reduce the rate of child mortality especially in the developing world. M-Chanjo comes from the Swahili word for vaccine; Chanjo. The name is derived from the realization that it could approach most problems in the developing world from a preventive perspective. So leveraging technology, the firm could innovate grand ideas that have great social impact rather than waiting to derive solutions after problems have occurred.


Their firm’s key solution is based on a mobile platform that raises awareness on child immunization. The solution also enables easier management of infant medical records by health personnel via any Internet capable mobile device. The firm firmly believes that in raising awareness in regards to immunization , it can prevent the more than 1,000,000 infant lives lost each year due to preventable diseases such as Measles, Polio, Pneumonia etc

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