Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

In few hours, the Messiah would be born for the most important project – the Redemption project. Across nations, synods and churches, there would be ecclesiastical choirs with angelic melodies singing HE IS BORN.

Cherubim, seraphim, and ophanim, and all the angels of power – the constituents of the “host of God” –, and guardians of His throne, will sing welcoming this special remembrance of the new Adam who must redeem nations as old Adam was obedient unto death. Blessedness to the Lord of Spirits, and peace to all nations, Emmanuel is Born and God is with us.

As He begins the Redemption project, He called to Mission. We can learn so much from His preparations, His challenges, His project executions and His triumphs.

The Call to Mission

Merry Christmas.


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