Montblanc TimeWalker GMT – A Watch for Every Traveler

Montblanc TimeWalker GMT – A Watch for Every Traveler

To some, they go on a trip for work, events, and to visit their family. On the other hand, others likely travel to unwind and escape the work’s daily stressful grind.

 Although reserving a flight and getting a hotel room becomes a lot easier today because of our digital and connected society, we have been missing the soul of traveling within ourselves.

Indeed, modern smartphones have their ways of making our lives easier because of their wide array of functions. However, these devices only operate with automation, which makes things efficient, but not exciting. 

And that is why this effect will dwarf from the charm of the traditional traveler’s tool, a travel wristwatch. Why? Easily because we travel to have a memorable experience, and one way to achieve that feat is to travel like the old ways using a GMT watch.

What is a GMT Watch?

Manufacturers developed the GMT watches mainly for aviation, which includes the GMT and local time. Although these are the primary purpose of GMT watches, we can also use them in other ways.

We can use the GMT timepieces to know two time zones simultaneously, with the use of conventional positioning the GMT hand to the original GMT. Next, you can subtract or add to GMT to determine the current time of any country. 

The complications of GMT watches are likely the most helpful features in a wristwatch, next to chronograph watches.

Montblanc TimeWalker GMT

This timepiece is a dress watch style that has a black leather strap attached to a stainless-steel case. The timepiece has a 42mm case diameter and a skeleton case back.

The Montblanc TimeWalker GMT contains a black dial together with silver-colored hands. It possesses rotating Arabic numerals along with stick hour markers with automatic movement.

The Montblanc brand is Swiss Made. As a real GMT watch, it has 24 hours of markings as well as minute markers throughout the outer rim.

Additionally, this watch is scratch-resistant and covered with anti-reflective crystal. It is also water-resistant at around 30 meters deep.

Why is Montblanc TimeWalker GMT Ideal for Travelling?

If you love to travel, you would want to wear a timepiece with a function that you can certainly use. The most apparent reason as to why a GMT wristwatch could be the most suitable timepiece for you is the complication of GMT itself. 

Usually, by knowing the specialty of a timepiece does not fundamentally indicate that you will utilize it. On the other hand, you can always make use of the time zone function of GMT watches. 

The complications of a GMT watch is not only an entertaining feature because it is entirely useful, particularly when you travel in a place that has a different time zone.

The function of GMT timepieces probably has the best complications that are still friendly to its user and possesses the most undemanding features you can find in a timepiece.

There is arguably no other device that could compete with the GMT watches’ convenience of knowing the local time of any country in the world by merely rotating a single part of it.

Furthermore, you can also use GMT wristwatches on a plane, and you don’t need to switch it off or shift it to flight mode.   The functions of a GMT timepiece are indeed a classic example of a traditional device that can effortlessly beat any smartphone application.

To Conclude

While traditional in their design, you cannot certainly call modern travel wristwatches as timeless classics. 

Wearing a timepiece that can display the time in several time zones holds an elegance that you cannot compare to any modern gadget. Besides, this kind of function can indeed stimulate the sense of adventure of its wearer.

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