My talk in Upcoming ATIGS USA – “Investing Frontiers for Africa’s Emerging Exponential Agriculture”

My talk in Upcoming ATIGS USA – “Investing Frontiers for Africa’s Emerging Exponential Agriculture”

I will deliver a major speech during the Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (ATIGS) next month in Washington D.C. I have titled my talk “Investing Frontiers for Africa’s Emerging Exponential Agriculture“.  This talk will make a case that Africa is entering a decade of agricultural productivity from 2020 as the convergence of technologies and entrepreneurial redesign shape the industry.

For more than 500 years, when technology penetrates into any sector, productivity improves. And when productivity accelerates, human welfare ticks up. The future of Africa is promising because the era where farmers will not need emergency food supplies from government is near. They would become business-people and not just custodians of ancestral ways of living. Yes, when agriculture advances, more than 65% of working Africans will see improvements in their lives and their households.

The Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (ATIGS) is a unique high-level, prestigious, biennial business platform designed specifically to promote and facilitate international trade and foreign direct investment in Africa, with attendance projection of over 2,000 participants from more than 70 countries for a three day of networking, markets knowledge sharing, marketing & matchmaking, B2B, G2B, G2G meetings & deal making.

The 2018 edition of the Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (ATIGS) conference and trade show is scheduled to be held in Washington D.C on June 24-26, 2018.

As a “data farmer” in the continent, providing technologies to farmers, I will use primary data from our operations to explain that exponential yield is around the corner. My talk will explain why agro-millionaires will emerge and how young people are driving African agriculture. And most importantly, I will explain the investing opportunities and the enablers of the sector.

I invite you to attend and join other 2,000 delegates who will converge in the beautiful U.S. capital next month.  Africa is open for investment.



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