Nigerian Consulate Shanghai Republishes My Opinion on China and Nigeria

Nigerian Consulate Shanghai Republishes My Opinion on China and Nigeria

I like it when my piece makes it to the high chambers of power. Few days ago, I got a request for permission to reproduce one of my articles (Nigeria Needs To Invest To Understand China) in the Nigerian Consulate Shanghai website. Of course, it was CARRY GO. Now, they have it online.  I know that government is reading us. This site is not built for click-bait but deep conversations on Nigeria, Africa and their economies.

Note: The following article is entirely the opinion of Ndubuisi Ekekwe and does not reflect the views of the Nigeria Consulate (Shanghai).

I admire China. That country is very brilliant in its technology policy. In its economic and commercial policies, it is not far behind. I do not know of any nation in history that has accomplished what it did. It condensed what took the West one hundred years into 25 years. China has a population that is bigger than Africa’s, but its people are not dying in the Mediterranean, for attempting to smuggle themselves into Europe for menial jobs.

I must also commend those in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria: someone could have read that piece as attacking them. Yes, anytime a piece is not praising a government/company, but offering a new perspective, some will think it is an attack. But interestingly, the Nigerian foreign experts in Shanghai liked it to the point of sharing it on their website. That is a good development for democracy.


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