Outreach – Data Transport Infrastructure in Nigeria Article.

Outreach – Data Transport Infrastructure in Nigeria Article.

I am putting the finishing touches to a piece for Tekedia Institute on the history and current footprint of Telecoms and Data Transport Infrastructure in Nigeria.

The focus of the piece is mostly about physical infrastructure ownership rather than the evolution of service offerings. This is probably the fairest baseline to operate from as service portfolio is vulnerable to hype and embellishment driven by individual company’s PR, promotion and commercial objectives.

Infrastructure is a sort of ‘lowest common denominator’ from which all things in the industry become possible.

I am reaching out to hear from any infrastructure owners, be it towers, submarine cable, metro networks (fibre or microwave) intercity/federal fibre backbone, data-centre, submarine cable etc. I am also interested in hearing from satellite service owner/operators which have a satellite footprint serving Nigeria (not satellite capacity resellers).

While I am authoring from a very well informed position, there is still plenty scope for infrastructure ownership gaps in my knowledge. There is also a chance that regional players with no presence in Lagos may get overlooked altogether. This is why I am reaching out so that members of the community can come forward and have an input into how their infrastructure is reflected in the final publication. It would be regrettable to have entries whose architecture is underrepresented due to lack of engagement from its owners.

This is also an opportunity to protect against this happening.

Properly authorized representatives can contact me by:

  1. Sending me a message on this platform (send an invitation if not already connected; please customize it so I don’t miss it).
  2. Send me an email to [email protected] (this email account will auto-delete on 30/11/20)

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

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