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Tekedia Research To Debut July 1 – Tekedia Broad Industrial Average (TBIA) Developed

Starting July, 2011, our readers will see more contents. We are working to provide investment grade report in a new category titled, Research. Since we began this journey about 7 weeks ago, we have assembled a team that are helping us  make sense of many things in Africa through research. They have gone to universities, companies, government agencies and we are amassing contents.  You will be reading our

  • Ranking of universities by technology in Nigeria,
  • Tekedia 20 – the companies we have identified to move to the next level
  • Detailed and focused research on government agencies and associated research. We focus on technology  people –  no politics
  • Tekedia Broad Industrial Average (TBIA)– we have created a stock market index that mirrors the Dow Jones Industrial Average to give a daily assessment of Nigerian stock exchange. This composite includes 20 stocks across different sectors of the stock exchange and we have weighted them by stock price. Automation of the process so that it will show as map is being done. Starting number for the TBIA is 5,000. As the average does well, it will move up, and when it lags, it goes down. To the first order (we are engineers), this will tell anyone how the market has moved any day. Our Founder developed the algorithm and you can trust his capacity because before he went to electronics, he was in banking.  Recall that it was a news organization that developed the DJIA for the US market. We think we can do this.
  • Etc etc.

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