Samsung Series 3 350U2A Notebook Arrives Nigeria

Samsung has unveiled a new laptop in Nigerian market. It is the popular series 3 350U2A notebook and is a great product if one is choosing a laptop for authors or writers. The product is thin and light, weighing just about 1.3kg. It also has a distinctive feature of novelty – the display with a thin frame, through which the visible screen area is increased without sacrificing mobility.

In addition, its design incorporates a bezel display, so users can get all the benefits of a larger screen without having to sacrifice portability. Chioma Iwuchukwu-Nweke, of Samsung Electronics West Africa noted,

“When you need to get things done on the move, but still want to look good then the product is the perfect choice,

As well as boasting an extremely thin and light design, with a stylish slim bezel display and choice of vivid colors, it’s also packed with the latest mobile technology for optimized performance and ease of use on the go”

Notebook display has a reflective coating, and the time of the laptop Samsung 350U2A up to 7.4 hours, it is equipped with an Intel Core i3/i5, running Windows 7 and supports Samsung Fast Start. Smart technology allows Samsung PowerPlus save 80% of original battery capacity even after a thousand recharges.

This is three times greater than that of conventional batteries for laptops. Moreover, the laptop does not have to wait the usual 30-60 seconds needed to boot the operating system, thanks to quick-start technology Samsung Fast Start. This hybrid standby mode allows the user to start the computer in a few seconds after opening the lid or pressing the power button.

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