Southeast Nigeria Unveils “Ebube Agu” Joint Security Outfit And Bans Open Grazing

Southeast Nigeria Unveils “Ebube Agu” Joint Security Outfit And Bans Open Grazing

Today is a noticeable day and a turning point on the security nexus of Nigeria. Yes, after Southwest Nigeria passed a vote of no confidence on the Nigerian Police by establishing Amotekun ( “one that looks like a leopard,”), the Southeast has established their own version, Ebube Agu (“magnificent and glorious aura of strength and power to defend and protect one’s territory”). I have not used the relational translation but the axiomatic meaning in ancestral Igbo.

Igbos speak via animals but the English translation must not connote the animals. For example “the man acts like a fox” when translated to Igbo should be “the man acts like a tortoise” because what fox is to English, tortoise is to ancient Igbo. So, if you look for the Igbo name for fox – a cunning character- in the translation, you would be mistaken.

Agu is a symbol of strength and has magnificence in Igbo. When a man kills a tiger, he is saluted and initiated to touch the Ikoro, which produces the most recognizable “sound” in Igbo tradition, only heard during emergencies. .

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With Ebube Agu, the Southeast has essentially said: Nigerian Police, we have no confidence in you! The Federal Government of Nigeria should be concerned because Nigeria is dissolving daily!

I pity Mr. Buhari whose tenure these things are happening. I wish I could speak with him because history will not be kind to him! He has failed his nation.

Governors of the South-East states have resolved to maintain a joint security outfit for the code named Ebube Agu (Wonderful Tiger).

The governors made the resolution in a communique during the first south-east security summit held in Owerri on Sunday.

The communique was presented by Dave Umahi, Chairman of the South-East Governors’ Conference and Ebonyi governor.

The governor’s conference said the joint security outfit would have its headquarters in Enugu to coordinate the vigilance groups in the zone.


They also resolved to set up a committee comprising security personnel, government officials and other relevant stakeholders to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the joint security platform.

[] They also banned open grazing and urged the security agencies to enforce the ban in the states.

Source: NAN

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Comment: Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe, well done! You did well with the analysis but I could not stop myself laughing out loud when you said you want to speak to Baba Buhari, this will be a total waste of time, energy, and resources! It is dead on arrival. He has gone down with history on his great and vital achievements…. I am so sorry Prof, na wasted effort… Hold your peace for next person that will seek you… No vex oooo

My Response: I want to be on record to have told him how bad things are. I personally think no one tells him what is happening. I do not want him in 4 years to say ” I was not aware”.


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One thought on “Southeast Nigeria Unveils “Ebube Agu” Joint Security Outfit And Bans Open Grazing

  1. The old man is oblivious of the geographic space he’s presiding over. The same Buhari they were killing people in 2011 for, because he didn’t win, finally he captured power, only to realise that the thing is way above his capabilities. Now Tinubu is angling to replace him, as if he has apologised for helping in bringing this calamity upon Nigerians, yet he wants to be president too.

    Just look at the three key things these old guys campaigned on: security, corruption and economy, only to make relatively bad conditions worse; that’s unforgivable. Can they even return Nigeria to the same state they took over from? Because they improved nothing, but did greatly to diminish us further.

    The one from Defence Ministry already told Nigerians to sort themselves out, so the geographical zones got the memo before he even spoke; things will get worse before it gets better anyway.

    Anything they touch becomes impaired or dies, the gods have rejected them long time ago, it remains to make them mad, then destroy them finally.

    We will outlive them all, for sure.


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