The Paused Effervescence of Nigeria’s Development

The Paused Effervescence of Nigeria’s Development

In the early 1960s, Norway wrote that Nigeria was an emerging nation with an extremely pragmatic agricultural program which must be watched, as it could become  a leading powerhouse in global markets. Despite the vagaries of civil war which paused the effervescence, Nigeria began to rise again. The Naira was stronger than the US dollars and airlines were putting travel visas on Nigerian passports with no requirements to visit any embassy.

Men flew from Lagos to watch Liverpool and then reconnected to the United States for the Yankees. Tuskegee University alone had hundreds of Nigerian students on scholarship, paid by the Nigeria people. Because the nation had better promises, well ahead of what America offered then, most returned home.

Factories, companies, etc, were opening up – and civil engineering rose to its pinnacle. Everywhere was a construction site! From Bata to PAN to Michelin, to anything you could imagine, Nigeria was rising to the mountaintop.

Then, we froze and began a descent. In this video, the world saw us as a place for opportunity, not a place looking for liberation. And they came. How can we return back to the beginning where things are MADE IN Nigeria?


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