Thank You Nigeria

Thank You Nigeria

Few hours ago, we received an email from one of the leading agencies in the Federal Ministry of Health that they would like to work with us on Medcera. Our Community Manager reached out asking what to do. Quickly, I told her the only response was Big Acceptance. Yes, we are honored that the agency reached out. But to avoid bureaucracy we would streamline the interface to make sure everyone gets value from the partnership. Our vision is to help fix a major friction in the healthcare system in Nigeria: disparate data resulting to poor patient outcomes.

Getting support from government in Nigeria is not very complicated if you understand Nigeria. Yes, our leaders are looking for help in some key areas. If you can help, they would come with support. I have made videos and wrote about this in my book – Africa’s Sankofa Innovation. Watch the videos, and read the piece. Ideally, government is majorly about policy; it is only through markets it can execute. If you position to attack those forgotten areas where they have real pains, they would call.

I can tell you that the focus has been qualifying partners over the last few days to support in Liberia, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, etc [apply here]. They are coming and we are working with these businesses to strengthen execution models across markets. We have not even started government aspect of business development. I am happy they have noticed our vision: we welcome and ready to work together.

Thank You Nigeria, as always.



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