Time for Corporate Nigeria To Lead in Nigeria

Time for Corporate Nigeria To Lead in Nigeria

People, I think it is time for Corporate Nigeria to reach out to the government and offer any help that will change the current trajectory. Because if this trajectory continues, we may not have a nation to do business. Anything is possible including cutting corporate tax by 50% and asking companies to use the savings to hire young people. There needs to be a deal which would be centered on the wellbeing of our young people.

Hopefully, that will provide space for the government to build foundational anchors for growth and development. I do not want to read about agriculture programs, mining initiatives, etc since without security, everything goes. There needs to be an immediate Contract for Nigeria Future and the organized private sector holds the ace as it is the only vehicle that can offer practical hope to young people. Yes, they can hire 200k youth in 3 months but they keep 50% of their taxes!

Please share this and get these men and women to know that staying by the side is not an option anymore. They need to get ahead and see what could be done, to get our youth busy, with hope, for the nation to have a future. Simply, send a deal to the government with the fierce urgency of now.


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