We Need a Society of INNOVATORS, not just INVENTORS [Video]

We Need a Society of INNOVATORS, not just INVENTORS [Video]

Innovation = Invention + Commercialization

I wish you a great weekend of reflection on the differences between Innovation and Invention. An Inventive Society may not be rich but an Innovative Society is always rich.

Make your community innovative. Yes, Nigeria needs INNOVATORS, not just inventors who have great ideas but no products/services. We cannot be a nation like the old man in the sea who sees water everywhere but not a single drop to drink.

We need products/services – we must INNOVATE. In my Practice, we help companies and startups innovate (learn more).

Great weekend ahead.


Updated – March 2020

In the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium discussing what EU can do to support Africa. The thesis of my lead presentation and a subsequent panel discussion was this: Europe is an innovation society, the best gift to Africa from EU will never be the cash donations, but helping to replace our inventive societies with innovation societies.



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