You Think Indians Write Good Codes – Then Think Again. Craft Silicon Kenya Will Surprise You

Craft Silicon is a global software company, based in Kenya, providing  software solutions for core banking, microfinance, switching and electronic and mobile payments across 4 continents.  This is one of their products:


Opportunities at the base of the pyramid are driving the buzz today. One of the most significant areas in this category around the world is Microfinance. Craft Silicon, in recognition of the bright prospects and the opportunities, has developed BRmfs (Bankers Realm Core Microfinance Solution) that helps manage small to large customer records, volumes of transactions, portfolios, profits and also analyze the risk factors. BR MFS Solution is now running on our high end web platform – BR .Net.


Craft Silicon’s MFI offering also provides its partners with alternate channels such as POS and mobile banking that allows businesses to provide online, real time and secure services to customers even in remote areas. The limitless scope and convenience offered could be testified by over 200 satisfied Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), in over 32 countries around the world.

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