Move Into 2020 With Confidence And Win – GREAT New Year Ahead

Move Into 2020 With Confidence And Win – GREAT New Year Ahead

2019 is the best year in my business. Many founders, from Silicon Valley to Lagos, brought me into their missions, and made us part-owners. Few years ago, I created a new type of advisory services to help builders and makers. For a small part of the business, we work to build a better business. In 2019, we hit $millions in paper-money we control. My vision is that in a few years, the Private Client Services would hit $1 billion on total values of shares we hold! (Click and explore if you can get in – we are ultra-selective at low single-digit percentage acceptance).

The greatest thing about the future is Possibility. As 2019 fades into history and 2020 emerges out of the horizon, with unbounded and unconstrained possibilities, look far with optimism and plan. Overcome the fear of tomorrow by winning your today. Look at the seconds in time, master them, and rule the hours in your days. Greatness comes when one has victory over his or her time.

Discover a path that would take you to that mountaintop and listen to tested people with belts of triumphs. 2020 would be super-great if you connect with people who are winners in areas you need support. Yes, invest time to build a network of great-mentors, category-kings in their areas, and feed into their networks to rise. 

You are unique. The world is seeking for the special you. Make yourself unique and different. Yes, be separated from the crowd. 2020 is a promise; I invite you into the party of abundance. The bell is ringing, sojourn into the new year with style: I wish you a GREAT New Year ahead.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe Opens Application for “Private Client Services: Startup Growth”


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2 thoughts on “Move Into 2020 With Confidence And Win – GREAT New Year Ahead

  1. If the greatest thing about the future is Possibility, it then becomes anyone’s game, and with unrivalled determination and persistence, you can get a fine cut in the world of possibilities.

    No need to get distracted by what didn’t work in 2019, success is a journey, the good work you did in 2019 could position you for big wins in 2020; never think it won’t count.

    You lose nothing for having positive outlook about things to come, so don’t waste time accumulating pessimistic and defeatist mentalities, they can only make you miserable and sad; you deserve better.

    To 2020 with great optimism and unbounded energy!

  2. Prof you have been exceptional and the army of entrepreneurs you are building will be a huge benefit for this country and the world at large. Thank you for this selfless service. I am confident that though many ideas are being nurtured now, Your estimation of $1b is undervalued in my eye and I will remind you when this happens… Thank you once again


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