Move Over Alfa Romeo, Nigeria’s Bennie Purrie Is Here

Move Over Alfa Romeo, Nigeria’s Bennie Purrie Is Here

First, I do not like sharing photos of “invented” cars in Nigeria. My challenge remains that the only part of the invention is the body of the vehicle, not the engine. So, I am not ignorant of that. Flashback: your classmates in secondary school that would put dc motors in cartons shaped as cars, and they would say they have built cars! 

But here, this is different. The Bennie Purrie by Bokkos(Plateau state) based Jerry Mallo is a great stylist design. The 25 year old made this sports car using carbon fiber materials, and it looks really amazing. Whether it is running on Toyota or Ford engine, his aesthetics and ergonomics are top-grade. For that, I am sharing and commending him for creativity in luxury car body design.


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4 thoughts on “Move Over Alfa Romeo, Nigeria’s Bennie Purrie Is Here

  1. The profit margin in automobiles isn’t big, everything has been commoditized long time ago, it’s just the aesthetics that keeps changing, to collect more money of course.

    Jerry built something beautiful, but the challenge is not in producing one or five, rather producing thousands, with guaranteed and robust supply chain for raw materials, while keeping it profitable. If you cannot resolve all of that, there’s really nothing much else, after the celebration and fanfare, everyone goes home!

    The commercial value and scaling potential is where to focus on, if it’s not viable, it will remain a lab work. There are many beautiful innovations and inventions around the world that never gained traction, because the road to profitability wasn’t clear, and not many people were queuing up for orders.

    Let’s see if there could be pathway to glory for Bennie Purrie…


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