Nigeria Startup, Zenvus Smartfarm, Makes Top Five Global Exponential AgTech Companies

Nigeria Startup, Zenvus Smartfarm, Makes Top Five Global Exponential AgTech Companies

From Singularity University Medium Article.

Technology is Eating Away At Our Food Problems

When you feel hunger, only one thing matters; Food. For those fortunate enough, food is available on demand right in your home, or is a phone call, short drive, or click of a button away. For those less fortunate, access to food is a much bigger issue than deciding what to eat?—?it can be a matter of life or death. Regardless of your fortune, access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food is important for all people at all times to maintain healthy and active lives.

842 million people live with chronic hunger and food insecurity.

— United National Food and Agricultural Organization (FAQ)

With the right mix of technologies, social entrepreneurs like these 5 exponential companies from the SU community, are cooking up fresh ideas from farm to table to serve the world’s growing food needs.

  • Imaging Technology

ImpactVision uses hyperspectral imaging technology to collect and process information about food quality that cannot be seen with visible light. Their tool can ultimately be integrated into appliances and consumer devices, like smartphones, to reduce food fraud and food waste.

  • Sensors & Cameras

Zenvus Smartfarm is an intelligent solution for farms that uses electronic sensors to collect data on key soil components, special cameras to build the vegetative health of the farm against pest and diseases, and an API that analyzes the data and advises on what, how, and when to farm.

  • Greenhouse Lighting

Emerald Kingdom Greenhouses makes affordable and effective greenhouse kits that are easy to install. They specialize in simple automatic light deprivation systems that enable growers to extend the grow season, allowing many crops to be harvested multiple times annually.

  • Data Intelligence Engine

Harvesting Inc. enables financial inclusion for the 475 million farmers in the emerging world by providing agricultural data intelligence to banks and governments so farmers can get access to affordable crop insurance and loans for the first time, saving their lives and livelihood.

  • Organic Waste Management

Worms Inc. invented a biotech reactor using larvae that transforms organic waste into sustainable sources of proteins and amino acids. These high quality proteins can produce various functional foodstuffs including protein powder for sports and dietary supplements.

We know that breakthrough technologies in space exploration, clean tech, nanotechnology, environmental technology, and hard sciences will improve the lives of billions.

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